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Children's Books

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Author: Alison Jolly
Illustrator: Helen Stanton
ISBN 978-1-907242-40-3
Price: £5.99

Introducing Fiddle, a little girl who sees transparent people walking around her home town of Lewes, Sussex, even though they lived many years ago. She slowly learns how to make friends with them and they lead her into adventures. Fiddle's first See-Through friend, Marie, is desperate to bring her mother back to England. Her mother is French, and Britain is at war with France after all, it's the year 1805 in their world! Then Fiddle's school arranges a day-trip to Dieppe. Marie goes with her. Of course nobody else can see Marie or her waiting mother and neither can they see the huge warship that suddenly looms alongside their ferry, its cannon pointing straight towards them . . . Fiddle must save her friends!





Author: Alison Jolly
Illustrator: Helen Stanton
ISBN 978-1-907242-41-0
Price: £5.99

Just imagine being stuck down a 6,000 year old flint mine under the Sussex Downs without even a flickering candle to light up the darkness! Fiddle and her Flint Boy friend, Freckles, seem doomed. Fiddle is in the Stone Age, learning to carve animal spirits into ivory from extinct mammoths. Then a wise old grandfather sends her to save Freckles from the flint mines sunk deep under Cissbury Ring . . . Fiddle is brave and resourceful, but the friends would be lost without the help of the huge and shaggy wolf-dog Rath.





Author: Alison Jolly
Illustrator: Helen Stanton
ISBN 987-1-907242-42-7
Price: £5.99

There's nobody more terrifying than the fierce Earl de Warenne, whose cruellest punishment for his enemies is to drop them down a deep pit known as an oubliette (from the French to forget) and leave them to rot. Young Fiddle, transported back into the early 14th century, has to be at her bravest to help the twin brothers Rufus and Difficile. The twins' minstrel father is threatened with this horrible fate at Lewes Castle. But bravery itself isn't enough. Fiddle and her friends have to use their wits in order to outsmart the vile de Warenne. Rufus plays the role of court jester and Difficile is a deft climber of castle walls but the appearance of a headless horseman is the cleverest trick of them all.





Author: Alison Jolly
Illustrator: Helen Stanton
ISBN 978-1-907242-43-4
Price: £5.99

When Fiddle’s school visits medieval Anne of Cleves House in Lewes she meets the impish Eliza, a See-Through servant girl from Tudor times. Eliza’s mother works at the great Cluniac Priory of St Pancras, and Fiddle has bad news for her: Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s chief minister, plans to knock down the magnificent priory church and make it a ruin. It’s bad news, too, for Jack, a brewer’s son who dreams of becoming a monk. He’ll do anything to save the church – even if it means poisoning Cromwell’s dinner! Should Fiddle stand by while Jack attempts to murder his enemy? And if he is caught, what will become of Eliza and Jack’s little sister Lelly, who brightens up their lives with her merry songs and sense of fun?






Author: Alison Jolly
Illustrator: Helen Stanton
ISBN 978-1-907242-44-1
Price: £5.99

When Fiddle enters the year 1768 she finds that many people turn a blind eye to contraband landed on the Sussex coast and brought up the Ouse valley at night – but the new exciseman, Tom Paine, isn’t one of them. With her young See-Through friends, the brothers Cricklebud and Snutcho, she is caught up in a  terrifying adventure in which Paine is captured at the Swan In Southover by a pistol-waving band of smugglers led by the fearsome Black Peter. The story ends with a clifftop drama, during which Fiddle has to be very brave indeed.







Author: Alison Jolly
Illustrator: Helen Stanton
ISBN 978-1-907242-45-8
Price: £5.99

John Every’s ironworks in Lewes is a hot and noisy place, but Fiddle’s See-Through friend Stevie is desperate to learn the tricks of the trade and become a foundryman. When his mother dies penniless, however, the young lad is thrown into the workhouse – a harsh and forbidding place in 1835, with the poor treated like criminals. Who is the mysterious bearded man who helps Stevie escape and attempts to stir up local working people to rebel against their wretched conditions? And how can Fiddle thwart the pompous Thomas Robertson and his odious son William, who want to recapture Stevie and have him cruelly punished?







Author: Alison Jolly
Illustrator: Deborah Ross
Box set of 6 books: £25
ISBN 978-0-9766009-6-1

Ako the Aye-Aye
No-Song the Indri
Tik-Tik the Ringtailed Lemur
Furry and Fuzzy the Red Ruffed Lemur Twins
Bitkia the Mouse Lemur
Bounce the White Sifaka

We’re delighted to be the UK distributor of these beautifully illustrated full-colour booklets. Published by the Lemur Conservation Foundation in Florida, they together portray the richness of Madagascar’s lemur and related fauna in a format which will enthral younger readers.





Author: Cathy Watts
Illustrator: Emma Ball
Price: £5.99
ISBN 978 0 9559006 2 4
Format: 80 pages illustrated paperback

This delightful collection of original short stories will appeal to children aged from five upwards. Based on real-life events along the coast, these enchanting tales combine detailed observations with a magical sense of humour.

Sandies are engaging characters who, unknown to the owners, live under the floorboards of beach huts along the promenade. They come out at dusk and are tiny – no bigger than your middle finger “including the nail”. Their hair colour echoes the huts under which they live, “so you might meet, for example, an egg-yellow sandy or a sky-blue sandy or even a bottle-green sandy, but never a coal-black one or a shiny-white one as no-one ever paints the doors these colours”.

The book is illustrated in black-and-white by the popular artist Emma Ball.




Author: Cathy Watts
Illustrator: Emma Ball
Price: £5.99
ISBN 9781 907242 01 4
Format: 86 pages illustrated paperback

The Sandies are back again in this eagerly awaited sequel to Sandies in the Beach Huts. Their adventures, once again attractively illustrated by Emma Ball, involve surf-boarding on cuttlebones, making a coracle from a broken bicycle basket and coming across a message in a bottle. Life can be scary for the little people – but the stories always have a happy ending.




Author: Cathy Watts
Illustrator: Emma Ball
Price: £5.99
ISBN 9781 907242 21 2
Format: 74 pages illustrated paperback

Yes, they're at it again, and here's praise from Vanessa of The Book Nook children's bookshop in Hove: 'I love the Sandies books, especially as this third installment continues their lovely adventures and taught me even more about the exciting habitat of the seashore.'




Author: John Henty
Price: £7.95 including CD
978 1 907242 16 8
Format: Full-colour A5 paperback, 28 pages

With illustrations by Alex Noel Watson, a foreword by Gyles Brandreth and a CD narration by Martin Jarvis, this colourful children's tale in verse of a cheese-mad bear is raising money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Children's author Val Biro calls it 'jolly, upbeat and amusing!'




Author: David Lewis
Illustrator: Elena Andreeva
Price: £4.99
ISBN: 978 1 907242 10 6
Format: Paperback, 76 pages

This attractively illustrated collection of stories for young children features Dizzy, Lizzie and Reginald, marine lizards who live at the south-western tip of England.

It’s a beautiful place, but it can be just a little dangerous, too – as our young adventurers discover time and time again!



Author: Roy Apps
Illustrator: Carla Daly
Price: £4.99
ISBN 978 0 9548975 9 8
Format: 88 pages illustrated paperback

Two for the price of one here, because once youngsters have finished the first tale they turn the book round the other way and start the second one from the other end! 

The Twitches are gruesome twin witches with disgusting habits, who like nothing better than mess and mayhem. Fortunately, perhaps, they’re not quite as good at their spells as they’d like to be.

Lavishly illustrated in black-and-white, and just right for early readers.