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Pomegranate Practicals

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Our nutshell guides "tell you everything you need to know - and leave out everything you don't!" - and each of these user-friendly guides costs just £2.50 post-free.


Author: David Arscott
ISBN: 0 9519876 3 1
Price: £2.50 post-free
Format: Paperback; 30 pages
Also available as an e-book

At last – a guide to good English that gets to the point and leaves out the waffle. The backlash against poor language teaching has produced a rash of full-blown grammar books, but this uncomplicated and amusing user’s manual, which has proved popular with universities, concentrates on the essentials. Ideal for any English speaker uneasy about handling full-stops, commas and the dreaded apostrophe, Good English highlights the most common problems and solves them with style and a smile.




Authors: Ann Varley & David Arscott
ISBN 09533493 1 4
Price: £2.50 post free
Format: Paperback; 30 pages

Nothing threatens to cloud those first exciting university days more than sitting down to your very first tutorial assignment and realising that you’ve never been set anything quite as daunting in your life. Where on earth do you begin? With Good Essays, of course! Our cheerful little guide assumes that you have the intellectual capacity to succeed (you wouldn’t have been accepted on campus otherwise) and swiftly teaches you the tricks of the trade – from economical note-taking, through the creation of a logical structure to the actual writing of your first essay. Best of all, we’ll show you how to win marks for originality in the way you marshal an argument.




Author: David Arscott
ISBN: 0 9519876 7 4
Price: £2.50 post free
Format: Paperback

With the rapid spread of local papers and radio stations there have never been greater opportunities to tell the world about yourself or your organisation – and now Headline shows you that it’s really not as difficult as you might have imagined.

Ideal for press officers, membership secretaries, events organisers and campaigners, this friendly nutshell guide is designed with absolute beginners in mind.

Headline explains how journalists work, helps you to recognise a news story and takes you step-by-step through the vital task of writing a persuasive press release. It also prepares you for your first interview on local radio and television.



Author: David Arscott
ISBN: 0 9542587 3 8
Price: £2.50 post free
Format: Paperback

The days of depressed authors despairing over piles of rejection slips are all but over. Modern technology allows writers to create and publish their own works to a high professional standard and at a modest cost.

How can a complete beginner master the tricks of the trade? With Self Publish, of course. Our no-frills manual leads you painlessly through the various stages of layout and design, dealing with printers, publicising your book and getting it into the market place.

Commercial publishing may suit the lucky few with a mass market appeal, but too many authors feel like a cog in the machine. Publish your own book, and you ensure that it gets luxury treatment at every stage.

* Note that David offers a personal service to self-publishing authors.